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Blue/Violet Lasers Product Catalogue 

KIMMON KOHA Blue/Violet laser systems provide operational wavelengths of 375nm, 405nm, 445nm, or 488nm. Each wavelength is available in circular or elliptical beam shape.

The Blue/Violet laser systems offer exceptional power and wavelength stability in a compact design. Laser software for automatic power control (APC) and automatic current control (ACC) is included with each system.

All laser models supply excellent beam quality, serviceable for a variety of applications, with an M2 factor of less than 1.2.

Blue/Violet Lasers

Elliptical Beam Shape Circular Beam Shape
Model Power Wavelength Model Power Wavelength
  KAL-55-A   55mW 375±5nm   KAL-50C-A   50mW 375±5nm
  KBL-100-A 100mW 405±5nm   KBL-90C-A   90mW 405±5nm
  KBL-S130-A 130mW 405±5nm   KBL-S120C-A 120mW 405±5nm
  KCL-80-A   80mW 445±5nm   KCL-75C-A   75mW 445±5nm
  KDL-55-A   55mW 488±5nm   KDL-50C-A   50mW 488±5nm


Blue/Violet Applications

  Confocal Laser (Scanning) Microscope
  Flow cytometry
  Laser Direct Imager
      DNA Sequencing 

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